hot pink first stage for her.

hot pink first stage for her.

block b’s HER stage for m!countdown (140724)

ferocious maknae line.

47,637 plays!

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everyone talking shit about sulli meet me @ the pit


*me at a presidential press conference*: “yes mr president sir…. can you tell me why…. block b’s Her continues to be a jam even after the first 100 listens.. take ur time sir”



sm: “wow sulli… this scandal is Too Much were gonna have to cancel all promotions”
the rest of fx: “but we can keep promoting without her itll be fine”
sm: “cant believe you would do this to us sulli…..”
fx: “you let shinee promote without jonghyun tho”
sm: “there goes ur career… goodbye redlight…”
fx: “we are literally right here”
sm: “yup…. goodbye fx… such a shame”
fx: “what the fuck.”

fx: “you let us promote without amber for nu abo”
sm: “…”
fx: “you let us promote without sulli for rum pum pum pum”
sm: “..”
sm: “…yeah it’s really a shame sorry about this guys bye”

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jesus, what words are needed?

every bit of you is so pretty